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It turned out to be a Harry Potter - article

Well, I was about to write about Daren Aronofsky but I don't think the time is right. And that's because I've been watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the last two and a half hours so I don't think I can deal with this article right now. I know I promised but..I still have the movie in my mind. 
One day I want to talk about Harry Potter's books and all these messages that come throught them. About friendship, about love, which are above all. As far as the movie is concerned, all parts are fantastic, but I think I like better the fourth and sixth maybe? Maybe. Hm. I think that after all, they're all awesome. And their music too. But the books come first as always. And I think all seven are my favourite of all times. And what Rowling has created is amazing. All this hidden world and abillities and places. There are times that I'm thinking how on earth she created all these names, how she dealed with the story without making it not even a little boring. It's brilliant. She's brilliant actually. And what would we do if Harry Potter didn't exist? I mean seriously. As a friend said " I would be another man." Well, me too. Absolutely.
But I really don't have enough time now to write about Harry Potter as I wanted, so this short article ends here. And I don't think tomorrow is a good day for Aronofsky because I have so much to study. So maybe on Saturday. 
(writing in English wasn't as easy as I expected, because many times while I was writing in English, I started tipping a word in German and that confused things a little bit. I think that's because I have used German so much the last three years. So, excuse me for any mistakes dear followers.)
Well, enough for tonight. I'm not saying anything interesting anyway.

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